prayer is powerful

Prayer isn’t meant to be something rote or flippant that we do to just go through the motions. It’s real, powerful communion with the living God. Not only is it something that we can do—it’s something we are called to do. That’s why we take it so seriously at Harvest. Prayer supports everything we do, and we consider it a great privilege to lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer throughout the week.



  • Rob & Megan Rhamy - Please pray for continued healing in Ellie's body. Pray for God to reconcile and restore relationships in our family. Pray that we would desire to die to self and live for Him and His way.
  • Heather Mills - My brother, Matt will be here next weekend, pray that the word of God grabs his heart.
  • Josh Meredith - I am moving in with Cody this week. Excited to move in with a solid guy who walks with the Lord daily, who will be able to daily encourage me and challenge me in my own walk.
  • Matt & Michelle Carlton - Pray for my brother, John to find work and establish a permanent residence.
  • Ryan & Kristel Shepherd - Our nephew, Santiago, was diagnosed with a tumor (benign, thank the Lord).It is pressing against his eye and brain, so he will be going into surgery next week.
  • Kelly & Andy Sites - Jim Gilbert, his wife and children as he begins cancer treatment.
  • Tim Douglas - Please pray for my continued growth in Christ and for my continued healing. Pray for my friend Teena who is fighting cancer. Pray for the storm survivors as they continue to rebuild.
  • Debbie Lovett - Please pray for Carly as she struggles with Lyme disease. Please pray for me as I'm feeling overwhelmed.
  • Ron & Marilyn Eskew - We made it through the medical bad week. Thank you for all the prayers and notes. Tests look good. Cataract surgery went well. Still adjusting and healing prayer. Prayer for wisdom on evaluation on Marilyn's shoulder and knees this week. Thank you for being a praying fellowship.
  • Lisa Roader - I am working as an Au Pair. The family I am working for has a girl with a rare syndrome (only 200 in the world affected) Please pray for her health, development and life.


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