prayer is powerful

Prayer isn’t meant to be something rote or flippant that we do to just go through the motions. It’s real, powerful communion with the living God. Not only is it something that we can do—it’s something we are called to do. That’s why we take it so seriously at Harvest. Prayer supports everything we do, and we consider it a great privilege to lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer throughout the week.


  • Melissa Personette - Nate has had a difficult week -  Please pray for calm for him and our family. He hasn't had this hard of a time since he was 12.
  • Susan Porter - That I would learn to abide in Christ - especially though business
  • Cheryl Cowden -  Thank you for your prayers as our family honored my mom as the went to be with the Lord. The gospel was shared and God was glorified.
  • Marlee Jacocks - Please pray for my dad, Dave, as he battles alcoholism.
  • Leslie Wood - Health needs.
  • Julie McAuley - Please Con't to pray for our Florida house to close July 31st. also pray for Chuck's dad for a diagnosis and assessment.
  • Melanie Dasher - please pray for my friend Angie, 39 yrs old, with breast cancer, undergoing chemo and recovering from surgery.
  • Megan Rhamy - Pray for my brother Matt and his healing. Ellie - that God would bring her peace and comfort this week as we are traveling again.
  • Debbie Lovett - please pray our family would glorify God in ALL things.
  • Carly Lovett - con't prayer for my health and recovery from Lyme disease and help implementing the Lord's truth further in my life this week and always.
  • Zeke Turner - Pray over Elijah while he is at basketball camp this week.
  • Megan Rivard - We leave Aug 3rd for china to receive our son. Please pray for safety, health and God's will while we go.
  • Kelli Sites - Pray for the Gilbert family in Ohio. The Lord called husband/dad Jim home in the last week.
  • Anna Aadson - Our well still isn't fixed. Pray that the schedule would stop getting pushed back and that there would not be anymore road blocks. Also that is will be the cheaper, easier fix. con't prayer for direction, opportunity and provision to attend school to eventually join the mission field.
  • Jenipher Reinhold - my unsaved dad will be visiting from NJ.Please pray for his heart to soften to Jesus and at least come to church with us while here. 
  • Caitlin Snyder - currently searching for a new job. Trusting God to provide.
  • Josh Meredith - Praise God for an awesome and safe vacation where I was able to explore His beautiful creation, connect with old friends and love on the Faisons. Pray for them and the work God is doing though them in the South Bay.
  • Carley Blechner - Pray for guidance for me and God's provision as I raise support to intern with Cru as a missionary for next year.
  • Tim Douglas - thank you for your con't prayer for my growth and healing. He has proven the doctors wrong


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