prayer is powerful

Prayer isn’t meant to be something rote or flippant that we do to just go through the motions. It’s real, powerful communion with the living God. Not only is it something that we can do—it’s something we are called to do. That’s why we take it so seriously at Harvest. Prayer supports everything we do, and we consider it a great privilege to lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer throughout the week.


  • Nick & Stephanie Metheny - Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery for me if he happens to come this week.
  • Rob & Megan Rhamy - Praise God for an amazing week with Ellie with clothes and therapy. Please pray for miraculous healing of Avery's stress fracture. Pray that God would lead us to a diagnosis for these fractures.
  • Matt & Michelle Carlton - Pray for our daughter, Becca who will undergo surgery on her elbow this Wednesday.
  • Joshua & Anna Aadson - Continued prayer for my friend Chris. Over the last 4 months our conversations have grown deeper. Pray that the remaining hesitations to accept my invite to church would vanish.
  • Ann Trejo - Salvation of Matt & Kristin. Continue to guide Jaklyn, give her bold faith, rescue  her. The Lord's will for Markus' US interview on June 14th.
  • Kevin & Kelly Lewis - Kelly's mother is visiting this week - pray that God would provide opportunities for her to hear the gospel and that she would respond in faith.
  • Carley Brechner -Pray that I will trust God this summer as I raise support full-time and that God will provide for me to be a missionary with CRU this next year at Arizona State University.
  • Claire Porter - That God would create in me a pure and ready heart so I can serve Him well at Butler.
  • Ashtin Flowers & Kyle Templeton - Please continue praying for Melissa - church.
  • Ben & Sandi Zagel - Abigail's continued healing from wisdom teeth extraction and spiritual protection and growth.
  • Scott & Jenipher Reinhold - Our oldest daughter, Kismet broke her wrist and had to have surgery, please pray for complete, and quick healing. In Jesus name!
  • Tim Douglas - Thank you for your continued prayers for me. Not just for healing, but most importantly for my continued growth in Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father, God almighty.
  • Craig & Sue Johnston  - Healing for Carly, Tim, Deb, Randy and Tim.
  • Debbie Lovett - Please pray for our family.
  • Carly Lovett - Please continue to pray for my recovery from Lyme disease, especially as i adjust to new medicine following my time in the Stress Center, and for renewed faith and that I would feel like myself.
  • Trish Graham - Thank you so much for the flowers, cards, texts, words of encouragement and support these last 2 weeks after the passing of my mom. How grateful I am for such a great church family. You are Loved.
  • Matthew Beaverson - Praise God for a safe semester abroad for myself and girlfriend - Jessica Edwards. Please pray for my grandpa's health - he was taken to the hospital yesterday, and cause of passing out is still unknown.


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