prayer is powerful

Prayer isn’t meant to be something rote or flippant that we do to just go through the motions. It’s real, powerful communion with the living God. Not only is it something that we can do—it’s something we are called to do. That’s why we take it so seriously at Harvest. Prayer supports everything we do, and we consider it a great privilege to lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer throughout the week.



  • Jenny & Luke Mosier - Armstrong family - loss of daughter/sister/aunt on 4/13. I have my 2nd chemo on 4/26 - pray it goes well and is well tolerated.
  • Caitlin Snyder - Traveling to Ukraine on 4/29 - safe travels and rest while I travel.
  • Carly Lovett - Continued prayer for my recovery from Lyme disease and guidance on when to start new treatment. That God's will would be done with my time.
  • Debbie Lovett - Please pray for our 17 year old friend, Makaela, who will be getting treatment in Florida, Monday 4/24, for Lyme disease. She cannot walk or speak. Please pray for healing. Continue to pray for Carly as she fights Lyme disease. Pray for healing for her as well.  
  • Abbey McArthur - Praise God, He's protecting Katie in an unsafe environment. Pray He returns her fully, legally and quickly to her daddy and brother.
  • Andrew & Bekah Smith - We ask for prayer for a smooth and efficient move this upcoming weekend.
  • Craig & Sue Johnston - Where to retire. Praise for good report for Craig's total knee replacement surgery.
  • Brittnee Longnecker - I pray for an old friend, John Schwallie, he's been having a tough time with his faith and his relationships.
  • Amy Harris - Just found out my school won't have the numbers for me to have a class next year. I am starting a job search for a new classroom/school.
  • Jonny & Lydia Pressler - Robert is back stateside after 16 years as a missionary in Bosnia. His wife (my mom) passed in Bosnia in November. Pray for his health and re-acclimating to the U.S.
  • Jeff & Sherri Kishpaugh - Pray for the salvation of 2 of our daughters, Jeni and Jessica.


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