prayer is powerful

Prayer isn’t meant to be something rote or flippant that we do to just go through the motions. It’s real, powerful communion with the living God. Not only is it something that we can do—it’s something we are called to do. That’s why we take it so seriously at Harvest. Prayer supports everything we do, and we consider it a great privilege to lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer throughout the week.



  • Rhetlen Fenimore - Continued help sticking to His path for my next job.
  • Mike & Diane Feeland - Mother-in-law, Patty (87) relocating and deciding on selling her home to move into a care facility.
  • Bob Breen - Pray for Robert Z, a co-worker who we shared spiritual things this past Friday. He is wondering how we got here an how did we get our instincts.
  • Debbie Lovett - Praise God for answered prayers! My husband, Dave is attending worship with us. Please continue to pray for his salvation. Prayers as Carly continues to fight Lyme disease. Pray for direction for her treatment. 
  • Josh Meredith - Prayer for the health of my grandma.
  • Jermey & Jes Siebert - Prayer for the upcoming London trip. For those on the team to be prepared to bring the Gospel to a people prepared by God to receive it.
  • Laura Aadson - I would appreciate prayer for patience. I feel like I have so much ahead of me but I'm not sure what it is or how to get there.
  • Joshua & Anna Aadson - Continuing to adjust to having two kids and for Hezekiah - adjusting to being a big brother and having to share.
  • Ryan Jorgenson - Hello in Christ's love from HBC Des Moines. Thankful for God's continued grace on HBC Des Moines. Prayer for direction and wisdom for our leadership in decisions.
  • Carly Lovett - Please continue to pray for my recovery with Lyme disease and renewed enthusiasm for spending time with the Lord.
  • Rob & Megan Rhamy - Pray for the salvation of our children and for God to be at work in all of our lives.
  • Matt & Michelle Carlton - Pray that one of the companies Matt has had several interviews with extend a job offer. If those jobs are not in God's plan that he continues to provide opportunities to pursue and keep Matt lifted up with positivity.
  • Shayla Mahan - After a lot of prayer, God finally supplied a car for me and has healed me from the car accident! Thank you for your prayers.
  • Caitlin Snyder - Harvest 20's Women's small group - vulnerability.
  • Kent & Heather Ebigbo - Mom (Paula's) bone cancer. Peace in entire family


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