Rock the Block Evaluation.

Please answer all questions that apply to you and your experience with Rock the Block. Some of these questions are directed to those that live in the neighborhood in which the event was hosted.

Rock the Block was an excellent use of time and resources to share Jesus and connect to my neighbors.
I felt that I was adequately prepared to participate in the event.
I feel that the children who attended heard a clear presentation of the Gospel and had ample opportunity to respond.
The children who attended had a lot of fun at the event.
I saw God work in the lives of people this week in a clear and tangible way.
Rock the Block is a critical part of my strategy to reach my neighbors with the Gospel.
If Rock the Block did not happen, then I would be much less likely to share the Gospel with my neighbors.
Based on my experience this year, I would be very likely to participate in RTB next year.