Harvest Students Leader Survey

Please fill out the appropriate fields using the key below whenever possible.

Location *
I believe the drive to Lake Ann Camp was reasonable
I believe the size of the camp was perfect
I believe we should always go to Lake Ann for summer camp
I believe we should always go to Michigan for summer camp
Food *
I loved all of my meals at Lake Ann
I was given enough to eat at each meal
I believe there was a good amount of variety for our meals
I believe the meal schedule was perfect
I enjoyed the options for snacks at the Red Canoe
Daily Structure *
Daily Structure
I believe the daily schedule was balanced between fun and spiritual content
I believe we had enough free time
I believe we had enough rest time
I believe wake-up was at an appropriate time
I believe lights-out was at an appropriate time
I enjoyed the order of activities each day (ie devotions, instructional, big games, night session)
Instructionals/Tracks *
I enjoyed the tracks that were offered
I thought the amount of time we spent at each track was perfect
I thought the staff running each track were well prepared
The tracks that I signed up for were what I thought they would be
Housing *
I felt the housing was clean and comfortable
I believe the housing was better than I expected
I believe the bathrooms were clean and adequate
I felt safe in our housing
Camp Culture *
Camp Culture
I enjoyed interacting with Lake Ann Camp staff during games and instructionals
I enjoyed the Big Games the camp staff organized for us
All of the staff I encountered were kind and courteous
Teaching/Worship *
I believe the teaching was relatable and understandable
I believe the teaching helped me further my walk with the Lord
I believe the worship time was engaging
Small Group time/ time with my leaders was my favorite time of the night
I love that our leaders go to camp with us
I believe the devotions helped me understand the teaching content
I believe the devotions helped me grow in my walk with the Lord
Cost *
I believe the cost of camp is a great value for the experience I received
If camp were less expensive, I know more of my friends would have come
Other Churches *
Other Churches
I believe that my camp experience was better because we combined with other Harvest churches
I believe that camp would be much worse if other churches weren't with us
I believe we should always do camp with other Harvest churches
I liked hearing from more than one teacher during the week
I wish camp was only our group